My name is Maximilian, I’m an IT-Security Expert based in bavaria.


  • Offsec: InfosecPrep Walkthru

    This is my first mashine from Offsec regarding for PNPT and OSCP preparation. Recently I try to produce more content and get again more in preparation for the exams. First […]

  • HTB: Devel Walkthru

    General Windows Mashinehttps://app.hackthebox.com/machines/3 Walkthru We start as usual with our nmap-scan We found FTP with enabled anonymous login, lets use this for us. Download all files from the FTP to […]

  • HTB: Active Walkthru

    General Active Directory Maschinehttps://app.hackthebox.com/machines/148 Walkthru First of all perform nmap-scan SMB 445 is open, lets check if we can login with anonymous-login Works! Lets login to the directory that we […]