My name is Maximilian, I’m an IT-Security Expert based in bavaria.


  • HTB: Devel Walkthru

    General Windows Mashinehttps://app.hackthebox.com/machines/3 Walkthru We start as usual with our nmap-scan We found FTP with enabled anonymous login, lets use this for us. Download all files from the FTP to […]

  • HTB: Active Walkthru

    General Active Directory Maschinehttps://app.hackthebox.com/machines/148 Walkthru First of all perform nmap-scan SMB 445 is open, lets check if we can login with anonymous-login Works! Lets login to the directory that we […]

  • Move nodes/vm’s after hostname change PVE

    When you change the hostname of your proxmox host it can happen, that you can access the nodes and the vm’s. In the following steps is discriped how to move […]