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            max – basicly max or maximilian

            max [OPTION]… [FILE]…

            max() is a powerfull it-security toolkit form the 90’s available for Linux or BSD plattforms, preferably             RHEL derivatives, Ubuntu or GhostBSD. max can be used for system-engineering, networking and             security. max is greatly appreciated in many online forums where he has helped many people with his             skills and knowledge. The development of skills and knowledge is constantly driven by projects which             are documented on this site or published on other blogs. max is also important when it comes to             productivity, the lifetime is too short to waste time and not learn.

-a, –ansible
            Patch rollout and automation with ansible.

-b, –bash
            Read and write Bash scripts.

-c, –contact
            Get in touch via email or tweet.

-C, –capturetheflag
            currently for fun and passion driven hopping around on tryhackme, hackthebox and pentestlabs

-d, –docker
            Familiar with docker and administration/orchestration of container based environments.

-f, –firewall
            Experienced in the administration and setup of Cisco, Fortigate, Opn/PFsense and host-based firewalls.

-L, —Linux
            Linux addicted, not a big fan of working with Windows.

-l, –languages
            Native language german, english fluent technical based (b2 certified), learning swedish..

-m, –monitoring
            Implementing and visualization of different monitoring solutions like prometheus, icinga and grafana.

-p, –painstakingly
            Very thorough about his work, did not stop work after problem is sloved.

-P, –pentesting
            currently on bugcrowd and intigriti

-t, –team
            Team-work and communication is very important. – teamplayer, works very team oriented.

-s, –security
            Found his passion in IT/OT-Sec

-v, –virtualization
            Experience in various virtualization plattforms like Promox, smartOS and ESXi.

-w, –wlan

            skilled the planning, measurement and configuration of complex wlan structures with ekahau and             cisco equipment


            6 years as linux/unix administrator at an international ISP.

            Currently in the intralogistics industrie as it-engineer.


            some, working in IT is passion, sometimes too determined to work out solutions, perfectionist


            max AI.


            plesk-guru, top 1% on tryhackme

max(1)max manualmax(1)