Undervolt Ryzen 5000 with Curveoptimizer

Since the launch of Ryzen 5000 in 20th November 2020 many people struggling with the temperatures of the current Ryzen-CPU’s. Other the years people figured out many ways to squeeze the best possible performance out of their CPU’s. The way to do this with Ryzen-Master to find the sweet spot for each core is a very time-consuming and laborious operation. In this guide we will check out a much quicker way to get some more performance with the same or better temperatures.

The way processors mange their performance and power is based on a dependency of voltage and frequency. Normaly CPU’s out of the box pull more power to stay on the safe side to keep the corresponding frequency. Because of that we have normally a headroom when it comes to overclocking or undervolting.

To setup the changes to PBO2 boot into the bios of your motherboard and navigate to the cpu-settings (the name of the option depends on your motherboard), then select Percision Boost Overdrive

Change the PBO to advanced and set PBO-Limits to disabled, then switch to the Curve-Optimizer.

Set the Optimizer to All Cores and Sign to Negative for undervolt. The Magnitude fully depends on you CPU. You can start with 30 and check if it’s stable for your processor. This can take even some time and fine adjustment. For Example my Ryzen 5900X works with a value of 19.

At the End don’t expect to get and big tempreture drop on heavy-workloads for all cores. The processor will pull the full amount of power that he can. You will run slightly higher clockspeeds with the same or slightly better temperatures.

The big difference will come when it comes to gaming or single-core tasks. Here the undervolt kicks in and you will notice a drop when it comes to the tempretures and a slightly better clockspeed.

In a nutshell we get some free performance for allcore workloads and noticeable better tempretures for single-core tasks and gaming.

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