While seting up a new VM on my workstation I ran in a couple of errors while trying to run hashcat. Mostly the error appears with Ryzen cpu’s, since I run a Ryzen 5900X I have to figure out what fixes the error. In short, here is the clear step by step way.


While running hashcat you get the following error, even with –force:


error: unknown target CPU 'generic'
Device #1: Kernel /usr/share/hashcat/OpenCL/ build failed.


It seems that there is a lack of LLVM 4.0 on your system.


Install the needed CPU Runtimes for OpenCL applications. You can download the tar-archive on the Intel-page.

Navigate to your Download directory and untar the archive

tar -xvf l_opencl_p_18.1.0.015.tgz

Navigate into the folder and run the installation script

cd l_opencl_p_18.1.0.015

The installer will navigate you threw the process and show you what is missing in your environment.

After the installation is finished you’ll should be able to run hashcat without any problems.

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1 thought on “Fix  CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE Hashcat error”

  1. Great !
    Exactly what I needed thanks.
    However, it’s a little surprising that we need an Intel software to have OpenCL to work on an AMD CPU but it works.

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