Fix Proxmox Error after hostname/ip change

When you change your hostname or ip on a proxmox host it can happend that you’re unable to access the ui. Journalctl will throw errors at you like this

/etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.key: failed to load local private key (key_file or key) at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/APIServer/ line 1899.

When you try to interact with the qm commands or update the certificates it will show the following

ipcc_send_rec[1] failed: Connection refused
ipcc_send_rec[2] failed: Connection refused
ipcc_send_rec[3] failed: Connection refused

To fix this make sure you changed your hostname with the command

hostnamectl set-hostname $YOURHOSTNAME

After this you need to change the hostname also at /etc/hosts. Make sure to set the hostname like the schema to new ip or hostname. localhost.localdomain localhost your.fully.qualified.domainname yourhostname

Now you need to replace the old hostname in the storage-config, othervise you’ll not be able to see/use the old pool.

vim /etc/pve/storage.cfg 

Keep the structure of the file, just replace the old hostname. You can do this like this in vim


or directly in the directory:

grep -rl "[oldhostname]" | xargs sed -i 's,[oldhostname],[newhostname],g'

After this you can restart all pve-daemons and the pools should be available

service pvedaemon restart
service pvestatd restart
service pveproxy restart

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